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Sensitive Boston and Arlington Divorce Law Assistance

When you are ready to take the first step, I am here for you

Divorce isn’t easy on you or your children. It takes a financial and emotional toll as you make difficult decisions that affect the rest of your life. From the moment you decide to get divorced, I will handle your case with great care. As your compassionate and skilled legal counsel, I am knowledgeable about divorce laws in Massachusetts. I can help you address financial uncertainty related to alimony and child support payments, in addition to child custody issues.

Which type of divorce is right for you?

When filing for divorce in Massachusetts, you must first determine which type of separation you need. As an experienced divorce law attorney located in Arlington, I will listen to you and guide you to the most practical solution. In Massachusetts, the law permits three different types of divorce:

  • Fault divorce
  • No-fault divorce with an agreement
  • No-fault divorce without an agreement

Division of marital assets and expected amount of spousal support

Along with the emotional toll of divorce come issues of the division of property acquired during the marriage and alimony payments for the lesser-earning spouse. With my financial background, I can help you divide bank accounts, marital assets and other property for an amicable divorce settlement. Because Massachusetts courts are allowed flexibility in determining spousal support payments, it is important to hire a divorce lawyer who can successfully obtain the financial support that you need.

Protecting your children’s future with fair child support payments

In a divorce, one of the chief priorities for you and your divorce lawyer is the continued financial support of your children. Necessities such as schooling, food and clothing expenses, health insurance and medical care are just some examples of what must be provided for in child support payments. Visitation rights should also be arranged in related child custody arrangements.

I treat you like a family member, not just another client

I offer straightforward advice on your situation and don’t pull any punches. For more detailed information on your particular situation, please contact me for an appointment. As your family attorney in Massachusetts, I will reach the most favorable divorce settlement possible.

Call me today to schedule your free divorce consultation in Arlington

I provide assertive divorce help in Arlington through negotiation, mediation and litigation. Contact me at 617.651.5044 or online. I am here to take some of the burden off of your shoulders. My office is located just outside of Boston, in suburban Arlington, down the street from Arlington Town Hall.