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Massachusetts Divorce Resources

From the Law Office of Robert P. Murray

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Documents That May Be Needed for Your Divorce Action

In order to properly represent your interests in a divorce action, your attorney will need to have certain documents and records in his/her file. You are urged to promptly collect the documents listed below and forward them to his/her office or bring them with you on your next visit. Some of these documents may not pertain to you and, therefore, you do not need them.

Whenever possible the original documents should be sent. If the original is not available send a readable photocopy. If you do not have access to the original or a photocopy but know where the document can be obtained be sure to inform your attorney of that fact.

  • Your Marriage Certificate (certified copy issued by the City or Town Clerk – not by the person who performed the marriage ceremony).
  • Copies of federal and state tax returns filed by you and your spouse either individually or jointly in the past three (3) years, together with all supporting documentation for these tax returns, including but not limited to W-2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, K-1, Schedule C and Schedule E. (Copies of your returns may be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue or from your tax preparer.) Also, provide copies of any non-public, limited partnership or privately held corporate returns for the past three (3) years for any entity in which you or your spouse has or had an interest.
  • Bank statements (and bankbooks or passbooks or other records) for all accounts maintained by you, either individually or jointly with another, during the past year three (3) years (or for as many months as you have them available).
  • Four (4) most recent paycheck stubs for you (and, if available, for your spouse) showing gross income and deductions.
  • Documentation regarding the cost and nature of available health insurance coverage.
  • Statements for the past three (3) years for any securities, stocks, bonds, notes or obligations, certificates of deposit owned or held by you or held by you for the benefit of minor child(ren), including but not limited to 401K statements, IRA statements, and pension plan statements.
  • Copies of deeds to any property conveyed to you and/or your spouse during the marriage.
  • Copies of any loan or mortgage applications made, prepared or submitted by you to any third party or business or bank within the last three (3) years.
  • Copies of any financial statement and/or statement of assets and liabilities prepared by you within the last three (3) years.
  • Documents relating to life insurance policies covering the lives of you, your spouse, or your children.
  • Any Judgment(s) or Acknowledgement(s) of Paternity (if applicable)
  • Any Adoption Decree(s) (if applicable)
  • Any Judgment(s) of Divorce (for any prior divorces)
  • Any Judgment(s) of Annulment (for any prior marriages)
  • Any Judgment(s) of Affirmation of Marriage (if applicable)
  • Prior Court Orders of Separate Support (if applicable)
  • Court Order to Vacate the Marital Home
  • Restraining Orders (whether outstanding or not)
  • Any pre-marital agreements executed by you and your spouse prior to your marriage.
  • Any separation agreement or other marital contract executed by you and your spouse at any time.
  • All Credit Card Statements for the past six (6) months (or as many months as are available)
  • Partnership agreements to which you and/or your spouse are parties.
  • Records of dividends paid to you and/or your spouse during the past two (2) years.
  • Any other documents which you feel your attorney should be made aware.