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Veteran Attorney Obtaining Divorce Modifications in Massachusetts

Altering divorce settlement terms with courteous service

Sometimes, after a divorce judgment is entered by the court, circumstances change in the life of an ex-spouse or children, requiring a modification of the original judgment. Decreased incomes or increased child needs are realistic bases for changing the terms of an existent divorce or family court judgment. I can help you modify your original divorce decree without reliving all of the pressure from the initial divorce. With more than 33 years of experience with the divorce process, I not only help you file for divorce or a modification, but also support you throughout.

Divorce, child support and custody modifications accomplished

As a mediation attorney in Arlington, I have successfully obtained divorce modifications for clients without additional litigation. If there has been a significant change in your needs, or you are unable to meet alimony or child support payments as required by the initial divorce settlement, you need to speak with a divorce attorney like me, who is familiar with Massachusetts law, to determine whether a modification may be obtained. Alternatively, if the needs of your child, such as costs related to a medical condition or a new disability, have recently increased, my legal counsel is also necessary. My family law office in Arlington is available to discuss all issues related to divorce and child support and custody judgments already entered by Massachusetts courts.

Child support payments and visitation schedules that work for you

After a child support and child custody order has been issued as part of the final family court settlement, those terms are binding until modified, even if there has been a change in circumstances for you or your ex-spouse. Sometimes ex-spouses informally agree to modify the terms of the court-ordered settlement, thinking that there is no need to get lawyers or the court involved. However, such verbal accommodations often lead to bigger and more costly problems in the future, when a disagreement arises between ex-spouses. At that point in time, any prior informal agreements are not always recognized by the court, triggering consequences for the ex-spouse delinquent in child support payments. To retroactively access the monies owed, a parent may be subject to garnishment of wages, confiscation of a driver’s license or passport, or a reduced credit rating. Most importantly, visitation rights under the child custody order could be changed, affecting the time a parent may spend with his or her child. To avoid this heartache, your best bet is to seek legal counsel to formally record any modifications to a child support or child custody order with the court. As a divorce lawyer with more than 33 years of experience, I can effectively assist with all types of divorce modification needs.

Contact me to discuss your child support and child custody modification concerns

As a knowledgeable legal advocate, I will work on your behalf with the confidence that I can help you. For an experienced attorney who can effectively obtain divorce modifications for you, call me to schedule a free consultation at my office in Arlington this week. You can reach me at 617.651.5044 or online. I am available to meet at a time convenient for you on this important family law issue.