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Boston and Arlington Area Child Support Attorney

Veteran lawyer effectively protecting your children’s needs

I have a successful track record of obtaining child support judgments in my clients’ favor. While Massachusetts courts are constrained by certain guidelines in awarding child support to custodial parents, judges still retain flexibility to set the exact monetary amount. Therefore, it is important to hire skilled legal counsel with child support experience so you can maximize the payments and benefits that your children can expect to receive. I have experience obtaining favorable child support judgments for my clients. After the divorce is finalized, I can also help enforce delinquent support payments.

What can a custodial parent expect to receive in child support payments?

Child support in Massachusetts will usually end upon a child’s reaching 18 years of age. (Except when a child continues to be principally dependent upon a parent, attends college, is disabled, etc. In such instances, child support can be extended to the age of 23, and in the case of a disabled child, indefinitely.)

Calculating estimated child support payments

Normally, both parents are responsible for the support of their children. In Massachusetts, child support in a divorce setting is determined through the use of a calculation based upon each parent’s income, the child’s age, costs of day care, and costs of health insurance. Massachusetts has published Child Support Guidelines, which its courts use in determining child support payments. In general, both spouses’ incomes, property, previous marriages and other children affect the court’s calculation of child support payments to the custodial parent. To read the monetary chart contained within the guidelines, click here.

Delinquent child support payments enforced

If your ex-spouse has an obligation to pay child support for your minor children and fails to make timely payments (or pay at all), I can help you enforce your ex-spouse’s obligation in the Massachusetts courts. When necessary, seizure of assets, garnishment of wages, or even jail time can be ordered by the court when an ex-spouse consistently misses child support payments. You can be assured that I will work swiftly to get retroactive monies owed and future payments back on schedule.

Providing individualized service on all family law and child support issues

You have a right to receive child support payments for your children’s necessities when ordered by Massachusetts courts. Contact an experienced family law attorney to ensure your children’s needs are protected. Call me at 617.651.5044 for a free consultation or contact me online. My office is located in Arlington near the Arlington Town Hall.