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Experienced Arlington Lawyer Protects Your Share of Marital Assets

Adeptly fighting to safeguard your financial stake

Divorce is not a simple process — as if the end of marriage and cohabitation was not enough to face, there are issues related to the children, not to mention division of the marital assets and alimony payments. Recognized in the Arlington community as the go-to family lawyer for more than 33 years, I am dedicated to helping you secure the alimony you deserve and keep some of the assets that you had a part in creating.

How much alimony can you expect to receive?

Alimony — or the money paid by the higher-earning ex-spouse to the lesser-earning one — can now be calculated with a bit of precision according to a recently enacted statute. There may be some flexibility in how courts decide what amount will be set as the alimony payment, and for how long, but the court will usually follow the guidelines set forth in the new law. A knowledgeable advocate with a proven track record in this legal area is crucial during this process.

Equitable division is not equal

Assets acquired and grown during the marriage are subject to “equitable division” in Massachusetts. This does not mean that marital assets — or even assets acquired prior to the marriage in certain instances — will be divided equally, but they should be divided fairly. I will work with you to preserve your equitable share in the finances.

Dividing up the marital assets: What is subject to division?

Divorce is emotionally unpleasant, and it can also be distasteful when it comes to dividing up the family finances. There will be some assets that need to be given up or exchanged in negotiations in order to come to an agreement. With personal experience and a professional reputation for success, I will advocate on your behalf to arrive at a workable solution. Some of the assets that are subject to division are:

  • The family home
  • Joint bank accounts (e.g., savings, checking, investments)
  • Joint assets
  • Automobiles
  • Valuable collections
  • Vacation homes and other property
  • Retirement accounts (e.g., 401(k), individual retirement accounts)
  • Stocks
  • Business interests
  • The value of academic degrees

For professional help to secure your equitable share, please contact me

A dedicated legal advocate is necessary when divorce calls for alimony and division of marital assets. To set up a legal consultation at a time convenient for you, contact me at 617.651.5044  or online. My office is centrally located in Arlington Center, just one block west of the Arlington Town Hall.